Monday, June 21, 2010


Okay we all know this dude made a major blunder n stuff, and that's what probably made us loose our chance of winning Greece. But come on. Its a football game. He's definitely isnt the first person to get a red card in a match, or the first person to get a red card in a crucial game, or will he be the last person to get a red card.
Yes he made a terrible mistake and he realized it, and came out and openly apologized to all Nigerians for his attitude (u see that thing wey i don dey talk about since?...I guess he's one of thos Naija peeps that couldn't hide his own toutishness). But now people don dey send am Death threats through e-mail....FOR WETIN NAH??....ITS JUST A FOOTBALL GAME FOR CHRIST why threaten the poor guy....Yes we love the game and are very passionate about it, but sometimes we like to take things too far. Or are we expecting to win the world cup?  :)
Afterall Australia played with 1 man down, and yet they scored and still didn't lose. So they shouldn't cricify the poor guy jare...In fact i think the best thing for Uncle Kaita is to go straight to his club and stay there for like 1 yr or so, if Naija doesnt make it to the next round :) ...cos we Naija peeps are crazy bout football and some peeps no go won take eye see my guy ehh. But Lets face the fact Our Super Eagles arent good enough, so lets all deal with it and stop looking for someone to absorb our frustration. I've said it and will keep on saying it......SHIKINA :)
I sure say peeps wey dey send am all these death threats na peeps wey don bet betta money or property during that game...ha ha


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