Saturday, June 5, 2010


I just came across this front cover of a magazine, and it got me so so mad for some reason. I still dey try to figure out whether na because of the name of the Title, or the wey the mopol just hold that umbrella so perfectly for that chopstick fella :)

You see if to say na where things dey work well, we suppose to don dey very far ahead of all countries in africa, and even China join self. China used their population to be where they are today.....But why didnt we do same. The largest black nation in the world (all na only for mouth), but yet our population workforce is just disheartning. Why we go dey invite these people to come our land dey take over all our multi-million and billion naira projects. Any small thing, we go run go meet China. Soon to even put street light for road, we go call China...Like seriously why we no fit undertake these projects ourselves?...Or na 2 heads wey these Chinese people get? Where da heck are all our so called engineers for heavens sake?.....Why are we really making them become our boss....Cos make we face the fact, wetin China even get self...Poeple wey dey sleep like 50 people for one room, or people wey dey chop rat and frog, or people wey u no fit even differentiate their men from their women self, since all of them just flat for everywhere :)  ..or people wey still dey wash their nyash with water :)

But wetin dey pain me pass be say a lot of these Chinese peeps are very racist, and when these sufferehead them come naija, people go dey call them oyibo, dey lick their balls n' shit......See as the mopol for the picture just stand upright dey hold the umbrella without mistake...and if u go make mistake go confront the hungry looking lil man nah, that mopol go just finish all im bullet for your bodi.

Its about time we start doing shyt for ourselves, and stop depending on some foreign peeps...This is just Retarded...Jeez...


  1. Omg, this post was written in such a hilarious fashion. And with so much truth behind it! Oh, my country, what have we done? Nehoot, I'm really glad I found your blog! :)

  2. Thanks Duchess.....u know say na we be the truth talkers for Naija, and we seriously need more real people wey go call black, black :)

  3. I'm so ANGRY right now!!!

  4. y im no use dat umbrella nack d chinko for head...
    rubbish... no be say the stingy man go dash am moni sef....

  5. this is so so funny and truthful at the same time!!!! see as the mopol dey straight!!! lwkmdie!!!! good post there!