Thursday, June 3, 2010


What a sad story...Okay This lady right here, Ifunanya Marcus found out that her boyfriend whom she has been living with for 7yrs, was cheating on her with his salesgirl. When she confronted him, my guy start to the wooze the woman with different slaps of all kinds (Typical local Naija man mentality).  Na im the woman come vex enter kitcken..and behold she came out with a knife. As in no be all this cutlery knife or those knife wey dem dey use cut okro ohh. As in when i say knife, i mean those strong better ones, like those ones dem dey use dey open peak milk n stuff (see am for urself nah..u think say i been dey lie?). Anyways she stabbed my man, and he was rushed to the hospital

"Efforts by doctors at the Badagry General Hospital and later at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, did not yield the expected result as Chukwu died two days later."

You suppose trust our hospitals soon as he was rushed to the hospital, i knew there was no hope for him...our heath facilities are just too far behind. i no go surprise if na paracetamol dem been start to give the guy self :)
Well she regretted her actions and said, although my guy been dey batter her on a normal basis, she still loved him and would even take her life in order to bring him back......ha ha na so..I just hope say na primary school children she dey tell that one shaa :)

 Such a sad story but i believe it had a lot to teach us.....Firstly, if u living with your boyfriend for 7yrs and he still hasnt wifed ya up, then problem dey ohh, cos legally, he can see anybody he wants, since he's not yet married to ya :)  .....and also u see this na wetin domestic violence against women fit man go dey beat woman like say na im pikin...U see this whole mentality of male dominance and wifebeating is just seriously WTF????
May his soul rest in peace boyfriend don die...Ifunanya go enter kiri-kiri....nothing come do the sales girl at last shaa :(
such is life

(punch metro)

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