Monday, June 21, 2010


Okay this babe right here is a fast rising Nigerian Female Gospel Artiste named 'Deola. She just made headline for rejecting a multi-million naira brand deal with a Naija based Liquor company (would really love to know which company too shaa). Umm dem talk say the company contacted the babe online through her facebook fanpage, and got interested in her...but the girls been turn their multi-million naira offer down.

So when dem been contact her manager, this was what he had to say ";"'Deola is a Gospel Artiste and it will be definately be out of focus for a Gospel Artiste like 'Deola to forget the brand she is representing and go with a conflicting brand like that of a liquor company. She is focused to remain strictly Gospel. If it were to be for a soft drink deal, she would have considered the offer."

You see this is such a good news to hear, cos really HOW MANY OF US OUT THERE GET LIVER TO TURN DOWN SUCH A LUCRATIVE OFFER HUH?......for this kind time wey money don go strike finish? Well I'm really proud to see such a lady stick to her principles. God bless her jare, and the world needs to see Christians that will not do just anything to have money. Cos if it was me that got such offer....UMM..mmmmmmmmmme too would have tur....wait a minute!!...umm okay me would have come into some sort of compromise with the company shaa. Afterall i never said i dont drink alcohol :)


  1. true christian who stands by her beliefs, not people like Kefee and Sammy Okposo...

  2. oh please @ ^^^^.Jesus drank liquor in the bible.there is nothing wrong with alcoholic drinks.