Monday, November 15, 2010


(shout out to Hafsa for providing this pic)

There's nothing as ugly as two crazy looking chicks with the most crazy looking weaves, dancing in a crazy looking way. This na the type wey I dey call "meet, greet and eat" or "fast food" babes. Cos all u need do is meet them on the first day, send them like N750 phone credit, and before u know it, they will be right on ur bed the next day. But if u want a quicker alternative, then all u need do is to meet them that same day, carry dem enter one nice eating joint, and show them some other lil activities/merriment here and there....and they will be all in your sheets that same day.
I know its painful, but that's just the honest truth and also the honest procedure :)     And unfortunately, that's what a lot of Naija girls are turning into these days. Anyways thankGod say none of my female friends act this way (not that i know of shaa)

But wait it just me, or whenever i see this type of ibotic babes, all i just think of is the smell of armpit and pubic hairs?????


  1. the worst of all is that their parents aren't aware of there escapades. lol @ body odor

  2. Alex, not only BO but smelling of keysoap and Tura bleaching cream ahahahah!!