Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay ohh, for some of you that dont know, last week, a large whale was washed off to the bank of Lagos Bar beach, and thousands of people rushed to go see the gigantic sea creature. U see, if to say na for all these developed countrries wey such thing happened, they would have called in scientists to come do some examinations and experiments, and later start lying to us about how the whale don live for hundreds of yrs and all that bull crap.............But since this happened in Naija, u suppose trust our people nah..OMO NO TIME EHH......People were there present with their butcher knives. See massacre nah. U just gotta love us jare.  See as men just dey happy nah
Anyways below are two videos. This first video was at night when the Whale landed..then the second video was the aftermath.....and check out the guy in the 1st video in 1:28mins......WTF IS HE TALKING ABOUT FOR GOONDESS SAKE??????????????......ha ha ha
Caution before u watch: Too much illiteracy and ignorant comments in both videos :)

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