Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HELL F**KING NO!!!!!!.....WHATTA...

(shout out to DonChichi Oji for providing this ridiculous pic)

Una dey see that thing wey i don dey talk about? too much pancake and helter-scelter make-up.

Please please please...and i'm praying someone would actually contact me and tell me that this was just a halloween costume, or the lady was used as an exhibit in a museum or smth..... WHARRA HELL IS THIS FOR REAL????

I swear if to say i see this masquerade for road, me for personally walk up to her, pull that crazy looking wig out by force, and tear off that crazy looking lashes or extender or extension or whatever the heck dem dey call that thing. Okay let me put this way....If u are a facially challenged female, then make-up can only do very little good for ya regardless of  how much u put.
Yellow, light blue, grey, pink, white black, purple, orange...and the most painful thing of all be say she go dey feel say she fine...... I swear some Naija chicks need to be banned from seeing or even using make-up ever, and ever.  Cos this one don pass Ludacris!!!


  1. she was probably thinking rainbow, unfortunately if me sef see that kin rainbow face to face i go tear race!