Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Okay ohh incase some of una no know..especially most of u outside Naija, The Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) will be embarking on a 3 days industrial strike, starting tomorrow Nov 10th. This is because they are demanding an increament on the minimum wage. Right now, the minimum wage in Naija is 17K, and they are pushing for it to be 18k......SMCHEEW
At first when i heard they were going on strike cos they wanted an increase in salary, i was in support of them and actually thought it was a great idea, since N17,000 is a very little money u know. I was thinking they were pushing for smth like 25K to 30K or so. Only for me to hear say na 18K dem dey push for...So NLC is trying to tell me that na only extra N1000 dey make dem go for National strike ke? these peeps don fall my hand scatter.
Anyways Uncle Jonny come-on just give us the extra N1000 jare, ..afterall its nothing when compared to what all those political criminals/touts embezzle from our government on a daily basis.....
One thing i know for sure be say this strike go mess a lot of things up ...abeg Uncle Jonny do smth juo...Nawa ohh


  1. No, the current min wage is N7500. Govt promised 18k earlier in the year and now attempted to slash it to 17k. Hence the strike.

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