Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As for me, i will personally define Kiri-kiri as an institution where when u go in as a bag guy, and then come out as a Saint...and thats just if u make it out by God's grace tho....
I know some of una don dey hear of Kiri-Kiri and how ridicoulosly scary the place is.....Well this is what the standard Kiri-Kiri looks like....Omo no time ehh....You are on your own!! (ha ha see as my guy for left dey sleep untop another person head)

So next time ur mind, or someone tells you to partake or involve yourself in anything illegal....all u just need do is just close ur eyes, spread ur hands, take a real deep breath, and finally picture urself being in this type of environment......I guarantee u say that bad intention of urs go erase very very sharply :)
Wouldnt it be so so nice if they put all those our criminals AKA gov't officials in here?...This should be home for them.


  1. LOL...funny post...this line burst my head pass...LOL "ha ha see as my guy for left dey sleep untop another person head"

    but na true you talk here sha!...nice blog and purely Nigerian...I like!


  2. Sad sad....why?becuase i just realised that I havent heard anything about Cecilia Ibru's matter.Is she not supposed to be serving jail time? The real culprits who who are supposed to occupy these spaces are lounging in Aso Rock/UK/USA/where-ever-the-heck-they-go-to dem while this poor guy who stole a ram is left to sleep on the other poor guy who stole a tin of milk...I sorry sorry o

  3. LWKMD...that guy sleeping on another person's head.
    @HoneyDame thats Naija for us. how pathetic