Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 So an 84 yr old man named Olokodana (just had to put that randomn pic up...ha ha ) went to court an accused his 45 yr old wife, Adenike, of beating him up whenever she gets drunk. And now he wants the court to disolve their 14yr old marriage, as well as grant him custody of their two children who are aged 15 and 13.
U see, when I first heard the whole beating story, i felt bad for the man...but when i now heard of him talking about taking his two children, then i knew this guy must be smoking some really really unhealthy stuff. U are almost clocking a century, and u talking about having custody of ur kids. Wetin u go teach them for goodness sake. This is just ridiculous. This na the problem with a lot of Naija marriages.......women marrying men who are old enough to be their dad, all because of money or whatever the case may be.......If i do the calculation well, so that means that the man had the 1st pikin when he was 69yrs....He must be freaking kidding me!!!!

Anyways although the woman pleaded guilty and promised to change here ways, the judge decided to end their marriage. I think that was a good decision too ohh,  if not, only fear and frustration alone fit make that old man kpeme one day.....Everyday it must be one thing or another in Naija.....HA HA


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