Thursday, November 18, 2010

NAWA OHH..........WHATTA HECK???????????????????

(shout out to my Ghanaian pal, TP for providing this pic)

OKAY THAT'S IT!!!!......I can finally, and strongly conclude that Nollywood  has officially ran out of names for their movies. I guess that's what happens when 1million movies are being released every month....and 98% of them always turn out to be either same old stuff, or total bar-bash. And yes I'm a big fan of these two young looking midgets, but is it just me or I'm sick and tired of seeing both of them acting together in different movies? Cos they both very brief looking individuals doesnt mean that they always have to be in the same movies....GOSHHHH...I just dont know if these so called producers think with their brains for real....Cant someone just come up with something new or unique for goodness sake!!!.......No creativity whatsoever in making, and also naming a movie. Today na Small Shit..tomorrow go be strong Shit,,,,next week go be Diarrhea....WTF!!!

U see this situation of Nollywood's lack of improvement over the years does correlate with our bad government system. But this time, it has nothing to do with corruption. No politician or Gov't official can be blamed for this one. Therefore I'm beginning to feel that each and every one of us should be blamed for our country's present situation (regardless of ur status) ..........and if we dont start changing our mindset and way of reasoning, then i certainly believe will never move forward......SHIKINAA!!


  1. true talk...the faith of our country lies in our hands. its so easy to just sit and blame it on the govt/politians. Who knows maybe the govt is saying the same thing about us.

    Unto a lighter note...i LOLed at the strong shit, diarrhea. haha i thot they've already used diarrhea as a movie name? lol

  2. Well, may be big cholera will follow next. The lack of creativity in the movies is reflecting in the title. Why am I not surprised?

  3. thats why i dont watch them anymore..they all same old story that lack content jare