Thursday, November 25, 2010


U know one of the worst thing u can do in Naija is to go and open ur mouth to tell someone what to play during a draft game. I found this picture very interesting cos it just reminded me of an incident when i been dey PH (prob in my Jss3). So me and my friends been go somewhere for Elekahia (shout out to all ma PH peeps ehh) when we came across two mature men wey been dey play finals for draft, and the place was pretty crowded too.

 U see during this kind of game, everybody dey always dey quiet. But i dont know what made one guy to open his mouth and told one of the 2 players "put am for here".....I think that was actually the first day i saw someone's head been broken with coke be small porousing of head eh. After that day, i vow say i no go ever go near anyplace dem dey play draft.....cos people like me wey get big mouth are very very likely to be victims :)

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