Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So a Naija Pastor named Stephen Emeka Anazondo, 50, was arrested recently at the Ghanaian border for possessing 51 parcels of substances suspected to be Indian hemp. Dem talk say the parcels were stashed well well in some kind secret places in the car, so that nobody go fit trace am. But i guess my guy was unlucky.
And yeah i know a lot of people will be condemning the man and all that. I woulda really loved to condemn him tho. But if i do, then that means that I am indirectly condemning Ganja too...which is impossicant nah ;)

U see growing up as a kid, I was so scared of weed, the smell, and the people that smoked it too. U know say for Naija, anyone who smokes weed is regarded as a bad boy/hooligan/tout/area boy/criminal. But the truth of the matter be say weed is one of the best natural herb/medicines out there..and u will only believe it once u try it. Then u will now see why people across the world are pushing to legalize it :)

It takes you to another special level where u begin to see, understand and interpret things in a different perspective (sometimes in a good way, and sometimes senseless) Therefore in a nutshell, I would definitely listen to a pastor that smokes weed all day, than the pastor that doesn't, instead and all he thinks of is either how to fornicate with other mens wife, or embezzle church funds :)

But for real tho, u cannot tell me that picture doesn't look so damn tantalizing :)


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