Monday, November 15, 2010


(shout out to Hafsa for providing this disturbing pic)

Ha ha ..I'm sure some of us have had this experience as kids....
But Damn yo!!!...on some real sh** tho, I don't just understand why majority of Naija parent have to rough handle their kids. This looks more like a punishment to me, than smth relieving. Just looking at this scenario alone, u can tell say this mama dey use all the vexation wey dey her mind dey pour am for the small boy..The way s/he's holding the butt-cheeks, as well as the strength she's using to squeeze the living air into that pikin's hole.....NNA NAWA no just understand this kind brutality ohh.
Of-course no (right thinking) human-being would love the feeling of air or water being pumped into their a**-hole.....but at least the giver should show some respect, and be somewhat gentle when performing such stunt to the taker/victim :)
me don talk my mind finish ohh

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