Monday, November 29, 2010


This is one thing that i've noticed right from my childhood days, but i still cant get the answer till today......Is it just me or have u guys noticed that anytime our police/military peeps arrest a criminal/armed robber, or when they display them on picture or tv, the perpetrators are always sitting on the ground shirtless and shoeless, with only boxers on. Umm still   wondering if there's a reason for that...probably to make the flogging easier or smth? infact me no just know

Well, whatever the case may be, u just gotta luv our torture system sometimes shaa. Yes we all know it looks babaric, and adopting the Western style of psychological torturing would be better. But mehhnn,when u dealing with the type of hardened over-mature criminals we have in Naija, i swear u no get any otpion but to adopt torturing...since it makes confession very much quicker, easier and sharper :)
The only bad thing about am be say sometimes that kind torture fit even make innocent person start to dey confess to crime wey im no even know about....HA HA


  1. Hmmm!!!the second one pooped his pants!!!!

  2. lwkmd. i was even about to say that too.