Monday, November 22, 2010


So the car I bought for my mumsi last yr got bad in Naija, and the didnt have the spare parts there. So i had to buy the part here. But sending it back to Naija by would cost a fortune. So luckily my mum hooked me up with one of her colleague's relative who works at the Naija Embassy in NY (since with his position, he can send goods back home for free). So i had to go meet up with him at the Embassy in order to give him the parts. AND THAT WAS THE GENESIS OF MY NIGHTMARE!!!!!.

To be very honest tho, I think we Nigerians just have a certain general type of Spiritual curse or smth, cos we never seem to change our ways, regardless of our various locations around the world. Just reaching there, u can already start smelling Naija within the 10yards radius of the building....and I'm not even trying to funny right now. Going inside there was like a market so so yoruba u go just dey hear (no offense to my yoruba peeps tho) the air is damp, mouths are smelling, saliva flying up and down, people arguing, body odor/smell of fish, some very very mean looking/unattractive faces

The worst of all was that THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE THERE IS ZERO...The workers have no respect and regard for people who come there for any passport or visa related issue.....always looking mean and unfriendly..asking or talking to you like you stole something. Infact it was just Terrible, Pathetic, sickening and definitely one of the most disgusting sites I've ever seen.......I swear everyone that works there needs to be fired and sent back home.

I bet u, anyone who has been to Naija Embassy in NY can definitely attest to my story.


  1. This is so true. Been there once, and definitely my last too.

  2. Tell me about it Alex... Till today i have not got over the lady in the Nigerian embassy in Ottawa who hung up on me... Its times like this i wish i had some powers then I would have fired her on the spot! NONSENSE!

    Seriously, I'm really tired of the level of un-civilization we those employees display.. instead of all those leaders to work and change that... aunty Dora is talking about " calling Nigeria -- Naija" God help us!

    In fact i dnt know again- mschew!

  3. hahaha I totally know who 2nd anonymous is....meanwhile in the process of procuring the e-passport in a certain city I know, ppl were advised to bring soap and water bcos the fingerprinting machines are 'iffy' buhaahahaha

  4. hahahahaha.. the Don... i see youu... hahahaha

  5. Flower, u like this website too much, ahahaha

  6. lexy..... my dear i know exactly what your talking about. They told my sister can't she read because she came on the wrong interview date. Those people there are all animals