Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So this criminal was recently boasting that he pays lecturers $1million per month in his school (American University of Nigeria) which is located in one of the northern states. (i no even know which one sef)

Anyways, you see this is just one of those very random and absurd news that i hate coming across. Why da heck will you pay a professor $1 freaking million a month? Dem get PHD for mind reading or special powers?  Nna nawa to this man ohhh....This is probably the most ridiculous statement I've heard in while. Ma guy even went further saying this:

"Today I do not derive one kobo from all the investments I have made in education. Rather, in the university I still continue to pay the American lecturers one million dollars every month because the school fees that they are charging are not even enough to fuel the generators that they are running because the university was built to American standard"

Mr. Atiku, abeg If u open such school, and u still running on a huge loss, THEN SHUT THE F**K UP AND CLOSE THE DAMN SCHOOL GAT-DAMMIT!!!!!!!!...And ohh i have an idea for you ohh...why dont you use that same $1million and award educational scholarships every month to children across the country.....Jeez yo, is it that hard to come up with such brilliant measures?.....Or I guess some of us are just naturally dumb!!!!



  1. this is the most stupid thing i have ever heard.i am in that school and it is definitely not built to American standards. no lecturer is paid that amount a month and Atiku has nothing to do with the school is now fully owned by the Americans so he should stop lying.

  2. I am presently a senior in the university..anonymous no.2, before u come up and say shits about ur university on blogs, get ur fucking facts straight..right, no lecturer is paid dat a month, but presently, over 50% of this school funds is not from our fees but from Atiku's pocket, so he has everything 2 do with the university.
    And as for you wey write dat nonsense story, yes, Atiku is yet to break even from AUN..but na God punish you well well. close which school down? where u wan make i come go in dis my final year, otondo..