Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ever been at home, and wondered what your gf/wife is doing out with her friends? Ever been scared whenever u see ur gf/wife say hey to ur next door neighbor, who's undisputedly more handsome than you? Ever been worried cos ur gf/wife had a past record, but u still married her regardless?  Ever been worried cos ur gf/fiance said she wouldnt give it to u until both of una say for better or for worse for church? Ever been worried cos ur gf/wife works in a bank and she has to meet wealthy guys in order bring in a certain quota at the end of the month? Ever been paranoid about ur gf/wife for no damn reason?

The good news is that I know a person that works in the company that produces this unique and very very necessary product, and he can definitely get it on a very good discount price. So my men, if any of una dey interested, just holla me for my email and we talk business.
And as for the ladies, if u wonna know about how to obtain a secret spare key, holla at me too, and we can def work smth out ;)


  1. LWKMD. this got me rolling . Alex u a fool for this one.

  2. how about one for the ladies to use on the guys! naija with double standards! abeg excuse me!

  3. Mr/s Anonymous, this doesnt have anything to do with double standards in Naija okay...and if u read my posts, u can certainly see that i'm one person that strongly supports equality between men and women in Naija. Chastity belts are usually associated with women...but no worry i go find the one for men.....but i guess this product can also be used for men too if u think about it :)