Thursday, November 18, 2010


You see sometimes I no just understand onyibo people sef...So when people dey wey never see food chop, na im person come dey offer $1000......JUST FOR MISSING DOG KE???........Nawa ohh. For Naija self, even N50,000 dey too high for missing human being (since life has no value over there).
Anyways make i no lie shaa, sometimes i do admire the way they show affection to their pets tho. But that one no mean say i go place 1000 freaking $ for ordinary animal wey some people dey even think of how to use am make stew....For Wetin Nah??????...Anyways I for no mind to go find this dog shaa. Cos I'm a very very big fan of Awoof :)
But unfortunately i honestly believe say the real owners of that dog don carry am :)
dem even name the exact time wey the dog been loss...ha ha......nothing wey person no go see for this world

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