Friday, November 19, 2010

AND THE WINNER IS................

(shout out to Donchichi Oji for providing this crazy ass pic)

You know if u guys could remember the PDP goat i posted sometime ago...I actually tot that was the funniest goat make-up. But then there was the other goat that was dressed as a skul teacher with hair tie and all that.......But for this one right here???........DAMN  LOL

Ummm.... I think i can finally conclude that this is the result of a high unemployment rate in Naija. Cos people just got too much damn time on their hands, and begin to think outside the box. Cos if person dey work for office, im no go dey think of how to dey dress up goat, or carry gun, or dey do yahoo and all other stuff.....just keeping it real

But this pic is just mad funny and creative tho...ha ha

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