Monday, November 29, 2010

WTF IS THIS ?????????

Damn Son!!...Seriously, Wetin be this??.....U see i no just understand some guys for real. Its freaking 2010 for goodness sake and peeps still get liver dey do sexy pose with pot belle? Come on !!

Ofcourse everyone wasn't created to have a fit or athletic looking body....but if you still young (ages 18-35), there should be no reason to look like this clown....and later y'all be getting mad when ur girl talks about me or Tyson beckford or Trey song or Will Smith or any other bad guys like us out there....ha ha ...Anyways i got 6 words for u.........Go Run That Sh** Off, N*%#@

This nah one very big problem about we Naija guys. We be talking of how our dad got a beer belle....but the funny thing is that we following the same path too. You go just see person for road, and the first thing u notice na im belle before im pathetic :(

Okay lets say worst case scenerio, lets manage the pot belle.....But nappy hair now growing and surrounding the airbag area?????....UNACCEPTABLE!!

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