Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Wait ohh.... i won ask one question wey don dey disturb me for some time now. Why is it that most of the people that usually involved in all forms of negative activities are usually the ugly/hardened/crazy looking fellas huh? Maybe some of una no go agree with, and una fit dey vex cos of what i just said..But we all know say na true. Okay see this man wey dey here. And make all of una dey truthful to urselves.....what was the first thing u thought about when u saw this pic? Cos as for me, 2 things just ring inside my head as i see am.....professional Rapist or Criminal...Can u u picture this my guy being a doctor, pastor, or working in the Corporate world? would be very interesting tho/
But dayum.......imagine this man catch u 1-one-1 for one kind corner so for night....ITS A FREAKING WRAP  EH!!!

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  1. He looks like one of those yoruba agberos