Wednesday, November 10, 2010


(shout out to Hafsa for providing this scary pic)                                                                                           Yo I swear u see girls are definitely one of  the most wicked creatures on earth. There is no way u will tell me that this lady right here doesn't have friends. U see that's why i like guys jare.....if a guy wears smth that doesn't look good, his friends will tell him straight away, in order to save him from embarrassment when they go out. But for girls?..that one na just opposite.....I'm 100% sure this lady is doing this just because someone obviously told here she looked amazing and her make up was on point (and trust me that would never come out from a guys mouth). So if u look well well, na her fellow woman wey dey hype her up. 
Anyways make i use this opportunity to let most of u girls know that this is how most of u look when u go  clubbing and other functions (esp Naija girls)....and i'm dead serious about it.... too much make up for goodness sake. So pls dont just listen to what ur girls say when u guys are going out. take a proper look at urself in the mirror and figure it out urself. Ofcourse they will say ur make up looks good, even when it's  a disaster. This is cos they want all attention to be on them and not u, the clown looking one..Jeez cant believe some of u guys dont know this by now.
Too much Pancake, lipstick, using eye-pencil to line the lips, shaving all ur eyebrow and using eye-pencil to shape it in an upwards direction...WTF ARE Y'ALL THINKING???????


  1. The act was sure wrong but I want to take you up on one thing, where do you get the idea that girls are one of the most wicked creatures in the world? Girls are human beings like you and I, and can make mistakes like you and I. How do girls now become the most wicked? They are our sisters, mothers, daughters. We all exist together. This is the strongest stereotpye I have ever read.

  2. And my otherr opinion that I forgot to state was that, it is possible this lady was told her make up wasn't right and she bluffed everyone and told them to mind their business. That is one scenerio.

    Another one could be that those that told her she looked amazing as you proposed might be colour blind themselves. Don't you think? I've witnessed where guys told other guys what they have on suit them cuz they themselve do not know better and they seemed to see nothing wrong. It can be neither here nor there.

  3. U are def right. But when i said girls are one of the most wicked creatures, i was just joking tho. Didnt mean it the way u thinking. Maybe i should have used another word just as u said. Good point u got here tho. thanks for also imparting me some knowledge too.