Monday, May 9, 2011


Okay this was the first accident i saw on my way to ABJ. This was like after my driver told me that we were approaching the deadliest road in Naija. And I caught this one like 30secs right after i turned on my camera. E remain small things, the bus for tumble..thank God it wasnt that fatal like the 1st one.

Anyways thats Naija for you. And most of the time, na impatience dey cos all these accidents....NAIJA DRIVERS ARE MAD IMPATIENT FOR NO DAM REASON...JEEZ....WHERE THE F**K U RUNNING TO........u see sometimes na we dey cause some things for ourselves...later we go dey cry. Like seriously WTF is that bus doing on the other side of the incoming cars?...thats cos he was freaking speeding and prob had no other place to put im head...stupid ass!!!....

For those of you that didnt see the second one i captured, Below is the video, and it happened like about  20 mins after the 1st one....thats Naija for u.....NO GOOD ROADS....COUPLED WITH LUNATICS ON THE WHEEL


  1. Oh gawd!! That is just plain sad!!!

  2. Lord this is heart breaking. We lack good roads in Nigeria and its crazy that we don't have ambulance service. It's a shame.

  3. Bad roads plus bad cars and bad drivers and this is what you get. Hmm...

  4. First: Happy birthday to your son..yes o. no be moi-moi at all at all! That is why parents do pray that whatsoever you do to them, your child would do the same to you ALEX. i hope you were gooooood to your parents huh?hahhaha

    Second: The Alomo bitters brekete for my area oo, the empty plastics litter the grounds esp at the bus stops...if not for the alcohol content, dem for drink am?

    Third: Yes, it's careless & rough driving that leads to some accidents...some are mad men on the road...that is why one is very prayerful that they don't come across death carriers!

  5. My people una don see ur country
    Qibhade thanks sis...and i actually gave my parents problem ohh....cant u tell?...ha ha...and when u get time, ship me enof worry i go pay u lata ;)