Monday, May 9, 2011


So last two weekend, my lil man, Zuri, just turned 1yr (and he's one of the most good looking kid u will ever see... so all of una wey get lil daughters, or will have lil daughters in the future, start sending your applications in order to book him early ohh...ha ha) Anyways that day and it was one of my best moments jare. I was so so happy and proud to be a daddy... Yes i'm sure most of you guys go dey surprised say i get pikin. Well make i just tell una say I no give girl bele just like that ohh....or had a baby mama and all that stuff. NOPE. I went the right way. Yes I'm still in ma mid 20's and i got married 3yrs ago, to one very beautiful and lovely chicka ehh......and yes she's akata :)
Well married life has been good so regrets shaa.....except sometimes when i wan commot with my guys, and i know say i no go fit go :(     ha ha

Anyways the reason i just thought bout this was cos i've been a daddy for the past one yr, and mehn, na actually now wey i start to dey pity my parents...cos i dey see wetin dem been dey suffer when i been small.....i swear no be to born pikin ohh..but na to take care of am in a good and Godly way. O boy ehh person no dey rest i swear... Druing their 0-7month period, they look so helpless and u have to do everything for them right there.....change napkin, clean their behind, feed them, put them to sleep, and all other craps involved. Even sef, u wey be the parent go dey pray make the pikin start to crawl sharply.....Then when time for crawling reach, u no go fit rest again, cos u gotta be monitoring where the crawling to at all times, make dem no go put smth crazy inside their mouth. Then u go start to dey wish make dem dey waka quick quick...and when that time comes, trust me, its not fun at alll. O boy my pikin no dey stay one place ehh....always looking for one thing to do every second. Infact me don almost tire ehh....Last two nights, i been even dey consider to auction the boy.... ha ha

Well, at the end of the day, my boy gives me so much joy that I even dey forget say i get plenty problems for my life :)    So my bros and sis, make una cherish the moment u have with ur kids...and always bless them, even when they doing smth wrong...cos that tongue wey dey take shelter inside our mouth dey very very powerful.....So always bless them and train them in the way of God :)

But i still wan aution am shaa :)


  1. Lol. I just saw '' But i still wan auction am shaa'' written in small print. Kids are handful Geez!i am not even planning on having one anytime soon.
    Your baby is very adorable and i want that cake!

  2. Awww.. he looks adorable. auction ke? u too dey make mouth jor.

  3. So adorable:) I love his name and the meaning! nice ! Bless you all