Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Okay so i was running out of gas..okay make i talk am the way wey we Naija peeps dey call am.....REWINDDDDDD!!!!!!!

Okay so i was running out of fuel :) in my car, so i was desperately looking for fuel and had to drive all the way down to NNPC towers area, were they have two gas stations that are open 24/7. So while on the queue, na so one girl wey dey sell orange just come for my passenger window dey shout "BUY MY ORANGE..BUY MY ORANGE OHH!!...i was like "shoooooooo." na so dem dey sell orange for hia? or this babe just dey vex ehh. So i now asked why she dey shout for my side...and she started explaning to my how nobody don buy her orange since morning. I felt so so bad for her, and decided to by orange from her. But before i did that, i told her to re-enact the whole scenario again, so that ama have it on video....HA HA yeah i know i'm a problem shey?..ha ha ....

But at the end of the day, this is what we all talking about....Naija is so so messed up..people hustling to make a living. Sometimes i see all dem people selling some kind things, and i'm like "how da hell do this people actually survive from selling these lil bullcraps?" its a pity that our govt cannot help its people....anyways shaa, until then, God dey.


  1. Hahaha, you're ridiculous Alex. Made her re-enact the scene just for us. I miss Abuja man.

    I'm mad that you priced the oranges though. Haba! We know how much that wrap of oranges cost in Yankee. funny tho

  2. LMAO! But u are a nut case sha! Aww how sad but u just gotta love that hustle or die naija mentality.
    "U better buy my orange b4 i slap u" hahaha

    p.s- the picture on ur header is just disturbing.