Monday, May 16, 2011


So a fifteen yr old Nija girl living with her faily in New Jersey, has been given admission to study in Harvard university. Her name na Saheela Ibraheem. 13 Ivy league schools actually gave her admission, but she decided to go with Harvard.

Well i just tot this is a really good news u know. How many 15 yr old kids u don hear say dey university...and no be any kind university in Harvard for that see these are the kind of news that when you hear it, you just proud to be Nigerian for real. Forget anything, i dey tell u say we nigerians are some smart ass peeps. Just say some of our smartness dey go into creepy things u know :)

The girl plans to study neuroscience or neurobiology....wetin dem be? no sabi.....But only the name alone go tell u say that concentration no be beans ehh....ha ha



  1. Haha, I'm proud of her too. My major is Neuroscience, so lemme help you out. It is the study of the nervous system, the brain in layman's terms.

    Big tings,

  2. Wow! I am impressed. Neuroscience? Seriously? That's a very complicated course. I am so happy for her parent.

    A 16 year old girl too was given admission to do her masters here in UK. Her family are the brainiest people in Britain! and they are Nigerian!

  3. Naija people, we no dey carry last. So so proud.

  4. True talk. good news for we nigerians too