Thursday, May 5, 2011


Okay so during my 2 months stay in Naija, can u believe i never rubbed any lotion on my body. All I did was just wake up, brush (before i use bad breath kill person jare), take a shower, dry myself, and wear my cloth sharply. Even me sef come dey surprised cos even when i go out, my skin doesnt get white/ashy. I think its mainly cos of our beautiful weather too. But if to say na for Yankee wey i baff finish, and i no rubb lotion ehhn..i swear before u even leave ur door, all ur body go just dey very white, thereby making u look homeless n sh**. U know say for Yankee here, people dey always make fun of we Africans cos some of us no dey rub cream. So when u get in the train, if u cant tell who's African just by their face, then u can tell by their skin toughness/dryness. And mind u, na mostly other African countries dem dey fall our hand like this ohh...cos we Naija peeps are usually on point :)

Anyways back to what i was saying the night i was leaving back to Yankee, i did the same routine: shower, dry myself and wear my clothes very sharply...but smth been dey tell me for my mind say make i rub lotion ohh, but i was like "nothing dey happen jare." So as i just enter that plane ehhn, mehn it was mad cold in there, and before u know wetin dey hapen, my skin don dey do me somehow...i now checked in between my fingers and started noticing how it gradually started tuning to ashy right in front of me. O boy ehh i wan mad. I then took of my shoes to see my feet...AND BEHOLD, THE ASHINESS DON REACH ANOTHER LEVEL EH.

So in order to avoid embarrassment of any kind, i just quietely go beg one of the hostess for back, if dem get lotion. The lady talk say make i give her like 5 mins make she finish wetin she dey do. But by the time she saw how white, dry and how desperate my feet needed moisture, the lady come know say na really urgent situation....and she immediately went to get lotion for me.

So i rubbed the baby oil lotion on my left foot first, then i decided to take a pic of both feet to see the difference :) pls just look at the ashiness only ...i no put this pic for any of una to start to dey look how hairy my leg dey, or how uncoordinated my nails dey :)