Monday, May 16, 2011


So the Nigerian police have arrested the most wanted criminal in the country, who have killed over 50 victimes including policemen in Abia, Imo and other southern areas......The kingpin name na Emmanuel Nnmdi Ebulu aka "stone"..and he was the second in command to that Osisikankwu guy that was killed a few months ago buy our army in Abia.

This is the guy that have been conducting all these robberies in banks in the south east. Mehn i pity bank workers that time. During that period last year, banks in Abia State even had to close for up to a week, cos the robbery was just too damn much...Even police sef no fit do anything....umm well i no go too blame dem shaa....cos me dey try put myself for their shoes sometimes. I just dey imagine say i be police, and dem tell me say some kind heavy criminals wey carry the most sophisticated guns dey rob one bank. Mehn, i dont think ama go anywhere near there for real, Son!! No be say i dey fear or whatever....afterall i signed up for it...But until my government provides me with updated weapons, intelligence and adequate training to combat these criminals, then i no sure dey near that place  jare.....i no be sacrificial lamb for now :)

Anyhow lemme give our police a lil cheers for this one shaa. Cos we need to get all these lunatics and vagabonds off the streets in order to make Naija (esp Southeast...Mainly my igbo people dem...ha ha) a safer place.

But come ohh....Im be like say good things don dey hapen.....US don kill Naija don catch their most wanted criminal...abeg i pray make more of this kind news dey come out jare :)

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