Friday, May 6, 2011


(Shout out to Uneks Enemali for providing this pic)

So as most of you know, I'm a very very very big fan of cabin biscuit. I even recently put up a post talking about how I was so in love with cabin biscuit during my secondary skul days.....and how i fell out of love with it when i recently went bak to Naija......and how i tried so so hard to fall back in love with this dry ass, but very sweet biscuit :) ..........and to be honest tho, I actually did fall back in love with it, cos i just remembered how it helped me survive during dem boarding skul days n stuff. But as i said earlier in my other post, the main thing that made me fall back in love was the picture of the two red couple right in front of the box. Is it just me, or just looking at those red couple just makes u wonna eat cabin so bad??....umm umm well i guess its just me then :(   yeah i'm wierd like that and so what?? ha ha ha

Anyways After boasting about my new love and our hot steamy romances, one of my close childhood friends (Uneks aka Uncle Lambert) just sent me a message on facebook saying " Oh boy i just saw ur new post on your blog about cabin....But I just been wan tell you say dem don change your red couple to another set of couple." At first i thought he was joking, cos why will Cabin change its famous red couple pic to smth else?...For freaking goodness sake, i've known those red people all my life. Mehn i swear they were the coolest couple ever. They are the only couple that i think have lived together all these years peacefully and eating their cabin happily....COME ON NAH....Cabin WHY WHY WHY?????!!!!!! wetin dem do nah????

So I now told him "Oh boy u dey serious?"...........and he was like "Yes nah..Infact I go even send you the new pic to your email."     And that was when i come realize say this no be joke again ohh. So while i was waiting impatiently to see the new pic, all that was running inside my head was "Wetin this new people go resemble sef?" "Will they be as happy as the red couple?" "Will they be cool as hell?" "Will they be smiling back at me when i look at them"? "What will be their skin complexion?" "Will i like them and will they like me too?"  Infact ehhn, plenty plenty things been just dey run inside my head shaa ;)

And when the pic finally came, i opened it, and BEHOLD, I SAW THE NEW first i didnt know whether to laugh or cry or be happy or angry. But now I know where i stand on this pic......wonna know how i feel?.......okay...well lemme put it this way...i certainly believe that all my appetite, romance, and love for cabin has entered 6 feet below :(

Cos as far as i dey concerned, this new pic is PURE GARBAGE!!!!...shikenah


  1. Lol! You're crazy :) I love your blog man. My retreat everyday. And I mean EVERY FRIGGIN DAY! Love it! You and you Cabin sha...

  2. LWKMD!!! U never fail to crack me up.

  3. couples look ghanian.. NOT COOL~

  4. lollll at pic of da week! NO TRY ALABA BOYS OOOO...chei! dead body never settle for water sef before dem rush produce it!..ahhahhaha.

    As for the kissing: YUCK!!!!! na wetinnnn? mscheww,

    Ha! the new pic on the cabin biscuit is to conform to the 'modern' couple..abi you no see the weavon she fix?..hahahhaaa.

  5. LMAO...Ibhade no be small weavon ehh...for goodness sake, its a freaking cabin biscuit, so i dont really know who they trying to impress with this crazy looking peps...and just as my skul daughter said...they actually look Ghanaian s tho....esp the woman....HA HA HA

  6. is that alaba pix for real. already? alaba boys.. yes o!!!and cabin biscuit. brings back memories jare

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