Friday, May 13, 2011


Ha Ha...i just put up this post cos for some reason it just reminded me of those days wey we small, and our parents go carry us dey go all those long ass late night vigil prayers......Mehn i'm a true child of God, but dayum....all dem long ass prayers be putting me to sleep for real....

Okay back to what i wanted to say......So during my sons birthday, we invited one of our family friends who is a pastor...a real good messenger of God too ohh....I've been to a couple of his preaching n stuff, and Mehn, my guy dey pray scatter ehh....which is good tho, but the prayer sometimes dey take style long juo....So during the birthday party, the next thing i heard was the pastor say "okay we about to cut the cake, but before then, we will pray for Zuriel." Immediately i heard that, i was like "im don happen eh" the time this prayer go finish ehhn, everybody wey come go just loose appetite for the cake ehh :)

But funny enof, he didn't pray that that long, which was very very surprising tho....fear even catch me sef.....but the prayer still long small shaa...even my wife on the left come dey bend her neck..ha ha ...But anyways the reason i put this video up was cos it just kept on cracking me up anytime i saw it...For most of u wey never go Naija in a while, or for those of u wey don decide not to dey go church for some reason, I'm pretty much sure this video will surely remind u of dem Naija prayers wey dem dey hole for inside church or for person house...ha ha
But at the end of the day, "prayer is the key to everything," whether u believe it or i no fit vex at all at all....and the amount of amen for this prayer ehhn, me sef weedah ehh ;)

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