Friday, May 13, 2011


So we went to this joint somewhere in Wuse 2....Mehn thi splace was really nice tho. Its like an outdoor joint and was pretty big tho....chai i don 4get the name ehhhh....anyways so me and a couple of friends all hooked up at the joint to hang out. So while we were there, we saw this dude with his guiter going from chair to chair singing n after like an hr, the guy now came to our spot and started singing....Mehn before u know wetin dey happen, we all started bumping our heads.....

For real, Naija get talent just money dey insult people badly....This guy is a real clown...we laugh die ehh....and what made me appreciate his talent was that he was doing it with so so much happiness. i wish we were all like this man.....But the man na real bad guy just dey use style dey talk some kind slick bad stuff...ha ha

The guy entertained us the whole night and we kept on giving him money....i swear this guy chop of to 5k from us ehh....He was so funny and entertaining such that one of my guys even took his contact and invited him to come play for his wedding which was coming up in two weeks.
Anyways what i'm trying to say here be say whatever u doing, just do it with all ur heart...cos u never know who's watching :)
watch every second of this vdeo...i swear this guy na clown.....Unfortunately only people that understand igbo will enjoy it better tho cos he spoke in if u not igbo, just nodd ur head and act like u know wetin dey happen ;)

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