Tuesday, May 31, 2011


(NB: this experiment only applies to most babes currently living in Naija)

Have you ever been beaten up by your wife/fiancee/girlfriend/jump off/?
Have you ever been stabbed by your wife/fiancee/girlfriend/jump off other?
Have your wife/fiancee/girlfriend/jump off, done any type of juju to you before?
Have you ever seen your wife/fiancee/girlfriend/jump off, turn into a wild animal right in front of you?  
Ever thought your girl can never cheat on you?
Ever imagined being killed by your wife/fiancee/girlfriend/jump off

OFCOURSE NOT!!! ...that na wetin we Naija men go talk, cos we just feel these things are impossible. You know why? Cos we are the dominant gender, we run things, and are much more stronger than the females. I dont think any man would actually come out and agree to any of those options above (maybe except the juju one somehow)

Well make i put am this way....If you be man, and you feel it is impossicant for you to ever experience any of those stuff i stated above, then all i need from you na to try this one quick experiment with her property, then send me an email 24hrs later to tell me how it went  (hopefully you will be alive to tell the story...ha ha) 

CLICK ON THE "read more" LINK BELOW TO SEE WHAT YOU SHOULD DO......just one very easy step, and goodluck ;)



  1. Oh my God. I will personally stab my bf if he does this to my BB. just kidding. lol. But this is true

  2. Oh my dayz... I really don't know wot i would do if my bf did this to me.

  3. How did you get this pic? LOL...

  4. lolllllllllll...this is hilarious...true talk sha..:)

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