Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Why is it that in Naija, whenever someone gives u a heavy greeting such as "Shun Sir" "Chairman i dey hail" "Baba u too much" "Welcome Sir" "Chairman we dey believe you" "Morn Sir" "U welcome Sir" "Senior man i dey hail" ...and all the others that come along with the whole sir sir thingy.....They always want smth back from you, which is "MONEY" U see i dont just understand...and when u no come give them, na so so vex go dey show for their face. i just hated the fact that when i drive into anyplace, people go just dey call me Sir Sir Sir like say i senior them. Which kind false life we dey live sef ehn? Sometimes the kind VIP service dem give me ehhn, even me sef wey no hold nshi-shi for pocket come dey fill like say i be one kind bad guy so. Sometimes u just feel so obligated to give them smth

U know i've always wanted to know whats up with this trend which has been going on for a while now. Why will a 60yr looking old man be calling me sir....person wey go fit keep me as im grand pikin sef.....nawa ohh. And the worst of all be say if u manage to give them even N100, na so their face go just strong finish. Some of them go even get mind to tell u "Sir try add smth nah" while some go just dey bone dey go..........FOR MY OWN MONEY AGAIN?...SHOOO...nawa to human beings ohhh...esp Naija human beings.......ha ha

The one that even cracks me up the most na when the person use im two hands dey shake me,.........i'm like WTF ARE U DOING, SON!!!??? cos the last time i checked, i no be Igwe, Oba or Sultan eh? Nawa to my people juo. Nothing do us :)

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