Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Okay just incase shaa, make i use this opportunity to let you guys know that my favorite soup is Egusi....as in correct one with, lots of orishirishi (as in goat meat, chicken, isam, okporoko and all other good suckulent stuff)

And for some reason, i think i am the only one who puts okra in their egusi soup. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, if u chop am ehhn, u no go even know when u bite ur own finger commot sef :)

Anyways what i just wanted to say na about this egusi pic.......Well, i can say for the 20 smth years wey i don live for this earth, i'v seen a lot of egusi soup, both sweet ones ohh, and sour ones, or the ones wey yellow well well, or the ones wey their color dey like diarrhea.  But for some reason, I no dey feel this particular egusi soup picture at all.

Dont get me wrong, it might be really tasty tho...but first impression/looks matter for me...so i'm sorry...the soup no just sexy at alllllll :(
This looks more like a swimming pool to me, than a soup :(

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  1. lool.. never had egusi before
    first time on your blog and i love reading your post