Thursday, May 19, 2011

MAY 21ST....MAY 21ST...MAY 21ST.....MAY 21ST

I'm sure say all of una don hear say the world will be coming to an end on the 21st of May, 2011.......umm shooooo.....thats actually 2 days from now oh :(
AGGRRHH......u see wetin dey pain me pass now be say i have a real correct party to attend that saturday night ehh...umm well i dont know bout u guys tho, but as for me, i must to attend that party. See me see trouble ohh. Why must it be the day that i plan to drink, blaze some joint, and have fun, that the world will now end huh?

Ohh na true my previous post, i talked about a guy who came up in the indomie joint where we were eating in Abuja, and he started blabbing about how the world will end on May 21st, and we should repent.
Anyways what i dont just understand is why they keep on letting this Harold Camping guy (the founder of this thingy) spread rubbish news around. This is not the first or second time that he has done this bullcrap, and it turned out to be false predictions....and now he's back at it again...I'm just sick and tired of people trying to pull one stupid ass stunt or the other. This world has been around since Adam & Eve, and plenty people don come this world, did their time, and finally died.......So why must it be during my time that the world will end huh? lie i no gree. i must enjoy this earth, until Baba God tells me that my time is up....But until then, the world aint ending sh** jare.

But wait a min what actually happened to Jesus coming as a thief in the night huh? Cos me i never see any thief wey dey first inform im victims say im dey come in like so so so time, so make dem make sure say all their valuable properties dey ready for collection.

Wonna know how I feel about this whole May 21st thingy?....... ABSOLUTELY NONSENSICAL :)

i know u like that terminator judgement day pic i put up there..ha ha ;)


  1. I LOL-ed my ass off when I heard of this rubbish.
    It just shows say dis people no sabi their Bible. God talk am say nobody go know the day when the world go end, that it will come like a thief in the night...

    So wetin dis people ome dey insinuate? By making noise like dis, de m dey simply talk say God dey lie!

    End of the world? Na beans?
    Come May 21st, nothing dey happen!


  2. LWKMD. I second that. The day you die is the day your world ends. Period.

  3. Its 13 mins more to judgement day over here. Make we dey see. lol