Friday, May 27, 2011


Before I start, lemme just put it this way..."I'm a typical Port Harcourt boy ehh." Born in PH, grew up in PH, did my primary and secondary school in PH. Infact ehn, shout out to all my PH peeps out there jare. You see PH was like the most happening place back in the days for real. After all, 10yrs ago, nobody even talked about abuja (I even remember those days when they transfer civil servants to Abuja, dem no go even wan go because the place wasnt developed then...but now, thats where everybody wonna be at...ha is just too funny ehh)
So it hurts so so so bad to see this once "garden city" turn into a war zone. One of the most bubbling places back then, is now a place where to even commot for night na WAEC. Mehn i swear it just hurts  to see that my own PH town has deteriorated over the past decade, and is now the center of all sorts of crimes n' stuff. Thanks to that criminal, Mr. Peter Odili

Well with Amaechi in power, believe me, things are just going great. I can vivdly say that there is hope once again. If you havent been to PH for the past 2yrs, then i dey use God name dey beg you to go there now. I swear your jaw is gonna to drop. Is it the new hospitals, courthouses, clean streets, or so many other good stuff that this Amaechi guy is doing? Then u also need to come see the state schools. Okay lemme put it like this. "You can easily compare the state primary schools in PH, to the ones here in Yankee....No kidding. Anyone that has been to PH recently can attest to what i'm saying. Every student get im own laptop, air condition in the classes...infact it's just a phenomenal job.

But as things are changing for better, there is one thing that is still a big problem in PH.......TRAFFIC aka "HOLD UP" aka "GO SLOW"
Mehn i swear PH traffic no be joke ohh. Back in the days, it took us about 25 mins to drive from our home to mumsi's workplace...but now?????.....I no go even lie, it takes us a good 1hr 30mins everyday to get to her workplace. The hold up is just too bad and so so damn frustrating. The worst be say u can stay in one place for over 15mins without moving. The town is wey too congested and there is only one major road, which is aba rd.    The worst is on wednesdays when they have this oil mill market....oh my God....i swear u fit sleep for traffic sef, and by the time u don reach house, morning don dey reach already for you to go back work.

I was so fustrated in PH with the traffic, and the wey people drove too over there ehn. Poeple no dey gree make u enter their line...dem go just dey drive bumper to bumper, dey bone face like say u dey fight them. To be honest tho, PH is not an easy place to live in right now, cos i swear every single person has turned into a lunatic in that town...and if u cant beat them, u gats join them nah :(
Thats why i had to run away from PH after like 2 weeks...cos i began to notice that i was becoming very violent anytime i hit the road, and didnt want a situation where correct man like me go dey fight person for road u know ;)...cos na big time f**k up nah ;)

So one day on my way back home, stuck in traffic as usual, and bored as hell, so decided to bring out my camera to do some capturing as usual :)...ha ha ...The traffic that day was so bad such that even peeps start to dey come out of the transport buses, dey waka dey go their house (I'll put up the video by monday, cos i dont have my computer with me and i'm out of town..ha ha )
But i guarantee you this is just temporary...cos i trust our governor Amaechi...and i'm very certain that this "go slow" thingy will be a thing of the past very soon. Lets bring our Garden city back to life jare :)

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