Thursday, May 5, 2011


So I was in PH for about 3 weeks, and my next destination was ABJ. So i was excited to go there, but the biggest f**k up for ABJ is when u dont have a place to live, or a car to drive. So in order to make life easier and fun for me, I decided to drive my car which i bought for mumsi (but the woman no dey use am sef cos she dey fear for all dem kidnapping and stuff..poor lady..ha ha ) This way i'll be able to drive round ABJ city, as well as I got a driver to drive me down to Abuja...and Yes i no sabi the road, and so what?...ha ha. And luckily too, one of my friends decided to come along for the ride. Mehn the driver was mad crazy ehh. Left PH 7am and Arrived Abuja 3pm. Everything was all good, not until we got to that Lokoja area. As we got there, the driver immediately told us that it was the deadliest road in Naija, and a lot of crazy accidents happen there on a daily basis. So i immediately became alert, brought out my camera and waiting to get any crazy incident that could happen while on our way. (and also telling my driver to reduce his speed, if not i go break im head)

Can You believe that i saw two accidents happen happen right in front of me in just a 20 mins span?
 That is to show you how bad our govt is. Mind u, this is the only road that leads to abuja from the south, and its suppose to be a major federal highway....but an u believe it is just a one lane road that contains both goin and coming cars. HOW PATHETIC!!!. Anyways here is one of the videos. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY FOR REAL!!!

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  1. U get beta video? It is tragic indeed. Also, u be chairman oh :D