Monday, May 23, 2011


So i just heard that our president's inauguration will last for one week at a budget of N5 billion (which is like $32 million). The church service alone is suppose to cost N62 million.

Anyways shaa, i dont know how true this is...but if its actually true, then i think we would really and quickly begin to pray for this our country called Nigeria. Cos i just cant see how the masses are suffering like crazy, trying to make ends meet...while our government is looking to spend such ridiculous amount of money just for inauguration ceremony. Come on nah!!
This national cake gats reach everybody hand ohh...cos me i no just understand wetin dey happen for this land sef :(
But u see the craziest thing is that this N5 billion we talking about is like nothing to some people in Naija (esp those our political assholes wey don loot all the lootables)

(sahara reporters)


  1. Are they for real? Geez! People are really, i mean really suffering and they are gonna spend N5billion on some stupid inauguration? Lets just assume its not true cos if it is ..... ( No comment).

  2. my country Naija :(

  3. SMH.... 5 Billion.... 62Mill for church service? ine but whyyyyyyyy???? This is saddd!!

  4. The land were corruption is our everyday food. Yekparipa

  5. i heard that number somewhere too. I hope its not true but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was. Honestly, wit all the people that are out on the street begging and hawking for a living you'd think the gov't would find better uses for that money.