Wednesday, May 11, 2011


For most of u that live in ABJ, I'm sure una don come across that police man wey dey dance while controlling traffic...infact i think there are about 3 of them in ABJ. Mehn these guys are the sh**. When i went to Naija in 09', i promised to ake that guy a real good video and show my peeps here, but time no come dey. So as i went this time around, i just spotted him from afar, and brought out my camera to get him. Although it was late, but i still got a good piece of him tho...HA HA .....i caught him on tape when he was doing "ALANTA" in 2 separate incidents.....this guys are so entertaining that u go even dey pray make traffic dey, so that u go dey look them...ha ha

U JUST GOTTA LOVE NAIJA JARE :)  peeps just create ways to have fun while doing their daily job.

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