Monday, May 23, 2011


"The Abia State Chairman of Labour Party (LP), Chief Obi Aguocha, said yesterday that he has prepared his own burial programme, as he awaits death in the hands of those who might think that he is talking too much. He said that he did that to make things easy for those he alleged have been threatening him with death through phone calls and text messages.

Aguocha said that he has discovered that no matter how long one stays in life , whether he says the truth or not, he would one day die and for this reason, he has bought his own casket , made a choice of suit for his burial.
He stated that one thing he would not fail to do is to tell the truth, adding that his supposed killers can come now if they so wish. Aguocha, who spoke to Daily Sun in his home, Ohuhu, joined numerous Abians to call for the cancellation of the guber poll, alleging that there was no election. He also believed that, the sitting government has not done well at all."

Okay so i know there have been some peeps that could actually sense when their death don dey reach....and i feel most of them are usually peeps that have gotten involved in some sort of crazy stuff like blood money rituals, ogboni and all other bull-craps)
You see this news is actually the first of its kind, such that the guy not only knows that he will be killed soon, but he also went and bought himself a freaking coffin and prepared his own burial program.....this guy no dey play ohh.....i really want to laugh so so so so hard, but i dont know if this kind of news is worth laughing at, or i should just keep my mouth shut and feel pity for the poor dude :(
anyways i guess a lil laugh wouldn't hurt tho, cos this is really some real disturbing, but funny sh** too...ha ha ha

Well, i guess this is what happens when you want to be "Mr. Honest" in the midst of criminals, animals and vagabonds who only think about themselves and how to suck all milk from our govt's vast boobs..Anyways Chief I wish u well and God dey ur side jare, and he will continue to protect anyone trying to change Naija for good :)

But damn, is it just me, or na burial rice dey sweet pass :(

(daily sun)