Tuesday, May 24, 2011


(shout out to Betty Braimah for providing this hot mess)

This is a typical example where an illiterate comes in contact with technology. You see its one thing when you're an illiterate and you talking face to face with a learned person. Your illiteracy level no go too show like that because you are just talking and not writing anything on paper.
I think the painful thing about this whole situation be say there are a whole lot of graduates in Naija that are like this. Mehn, i could remember during my NYSC camp in 09'....we were like 40 guys in a room, and mehn, there were some guys in that room that i dont even know how they ended up in that camp, talkless of how they even graduated from secondary school ohh....not even talking about university sef :(
Anyways i guess since corruption na our daily bread, then we will continue to see this kind of spelling madness on the internet chat rooms, as well as hear such pronunciation madness amongst some of our so called peers ;(

And speaking of spelling sef, i noticed that some of my postings dey get some lil grammatical errors. Well, at least my own dey different shaa cos i dey hurry when i dey post these things, and I never have time to go through what i do post. So as i said right from the first time i started this blog "pls if u see any grammatical bozza for this blog, just continue reading juo, and act like say u no know wetin dey happen ;)

To be onest, I tink whoever was behaind that keyboad must be extrimly brainless. Like seriyoursly how da heck will you make sush speling erro...then ur chat buddy notifys you abaut yor erro...and then u realized what you just did.....u kinda brushed it off, and akted like it was just one of thoze sily mistakes....and then you try to fix it up the second time....and it even gets more worserer...... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA


  1. LWKMD. it really gets more worserer indeed

  2. when people make tese kind of grammatical errors, i automatically assume they have an accent.

  3. LOL @ kitkat. me too

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