Friday, May 20, 2011


So just tell me why i was caught up in some crazy mess....Okay it was about 4am, and we decided to stop by the indomie joint (at Wuse 2) before we head home (to Gwarimpa)
We don order finish ohh, and na so one ashewo just came up to the indomie guy and started blabbing "i don dey here for over 30 mins, and yet you never make my indomie....but you don dey give people wey come after me their indomie. Which kind krase dey worry you?."
So another ashewo (wearing the black cap) who came with her friend, heard the conversation and was like "Na lie no go happen for hia. I been come here before you, so that one no go happen for hia."
When i see as both of them start to dey ginger themselves, i immediately perceived trouble, and headed straight for my camera. The ashewo's friend (on the yellow native) started pushing her friend away not to fight the other ashewo....and in the video at some point, you will think the ashewo wanted to even fight her friend....At a point sef, the ashewo started to even push men wey been wan come separate the be small thing ohh :(

So they later left both of them to fight..but none of them even tried to give the first punch sef......smchew...silly ass ladies....Anyways while i was taping their fight, the ashewo's friend now saw me, and told her friend who was fighting that i was taping them. Before i know wetin dey happen, they started talking to each other in some language so, and both women later turned to me, and just rushed me to collect my camera. Na so i just turn off the thing, and told them that if they come near me, i go break their head....HA HA ...u just gotta love when people dey ginger for Naija ehh.

But the two chicks no gree so dem hold me for shirt ohh...i was like "SHOOOO"...which kind closeness be this one sef....So in order to avoid my own krase to come out of me, i just decided to take off my shirt for them, and went to my car to get another one (luckily i had it in one of my bags). So three mobile policemen that saw the incident from afar now came by and started asking what was going the ladies told them. Can you believe the three idiots now asked me to bring the camera. I immediately laughed for like 5secs...literally like HA HA HA HA HA......then i now said to them "oga na lie ohh..thats not happening." Na so these olokpas start to dey ginger, dey talk say dem go arrest me for here....after that comment, that was when i even said HA HA HA HA HA the more. Then i now told them "im be like say krase don dey worry three of una shey? You know who i be?" Mehn these guys come get mind tell me say dem no care and dem go arrest me if i talk again. So i immediately respected myself and went straight to my car to go get my other phone and call one of my oga who is an AIG of police. So when these dudes now saw the type of car i was riding, they immediately came to where i was seating in the driver's seat, and started telling me "Our Chairman no be so nah..come let us resolve this issue like grown men."..i was like WTF????? i now told them "no ohh, i personally prefer to resolve it like a small pikin, cos i go make sure say you three policemen go sleep for cell, accompanied with those two women too. So after all the pleading n stuff, i decided not to call, and forgot about the whole thingy.

But can u believe that as i was about to drive off that area, these same policemen had the nerve to come up to me and was like "our Chairman do smth for your boys. We dey loyal."    ?????????????????????????? Mehn i wish i had all this aftermath on camera ehh...una for laugh die. Anyways In Naija ,its all about who ginger pass ehh" I guess my ginger been kill the policemen their ginger"...HA HA......WHAT A COUNTRY!!!!


  1. ''no ohh, i personally prefer to resolve it like a small pikin.'' Got me laughing. Nigeria is fun mehn. Can't wait to go!

  2. ahahahaha!! this jst made my sunday!! Naija oooo...