Friday, May 27, 2011

THE HEIGHT OF IRRESPONSIBILITY.......................!!!!!!!


One a very serious note tho, why dont we Nigerians ever respect our damn selves, or even our profession, or even our country at least huh? This is what happens when touts turn into lawyers as a result of bribery and corruption...if not, which normal human being wey go a law school, go actually wear this kind thing dey go court sef? even if u be Clifford Orji sef....

And this na the kind person wey go wan represent person for court?
Yes i know its very tough being a lawyer in Naija. Majority of them are kinda hungry tho, especially those one wey like to dey do "cut n' bail"......But Come on nahhhh.....this one don really pass hunger levels juo :(

Cant stop looking at this picture and wondering who would actually take this buffoon serious tho.......HA HA HA HA HA
I swear if I saw this guy in person, ama just walk up to him, slap that sh** off his head, and walk away.....and i'm not kidding about it.....but seriously tho, WTF was this dude thinking????!!!!
And the clown got the nerves to raise his fingers up like he's trying to ask a very important question, or giving an important speech....ha ha...anuofia!!!


  1. LWKMD......... HAHAHHAHAHAH.....HOW will anyone take him seriously. hahahaha... too funny.

  2. LMFAO...honestly, what is really going on here?!? This person cannot be serious! lwtmb, they could never be my friend, let alone my lawyer.

  3. hahahahaha, lmao and the funniest part of all, that man na person father, kai. He shoulda been sent out of the court room..

  4. Nigerians in the legal profession believe that your years at the bar is evidenced by how worn and tattered your wig is. So they call new lawyers "new wigs" . This one is even better, at least he still has a bit covering the top part of his head. I was in court one day and a lawyer turned around to look for his witness and there was NOTHING covering the top of his head at all. It was like he was wearing one of those face caps that have no top cover. The judge was horrified and threatened to hold him in contempt if he ever comes to her court looking like that again. The idiot was trying to justify it that he was 15 years post call but the judge wasn't having none of it. I just think, the wig is something we wear throughout our careers so buy a top quality one. They will buy all these raffia sponge wigs and be consoling themselves that it is because they are old at the bar that's why the wigs are falling apart. No, it is because they are cheap. Disgracing the legal profession. Hissssssssssssss.

  5. Cherrywine thanks for the explanation. I never thought about it that way. I guess u a lawyer too. But just as you said earlier, that shouldn't be an excuse to wear such rag to court. Lmao